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The untold story of downtown Los Angeles’ first Art Deco jewel: the 1928 Oviatt Building and its opulent penthouse. Virtually a second home to Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and other male stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Oviatt Building housed L.A.’s finest haberdashery and catered to filmdom’s titans. For eight decades, its glamorous and controversial history has been shrouded in mystery and clouded by misinformation…until now. Full of long-lost archival images and long-forgotten events, this myth-busting documentary spans more than a century and interviews the men and women who shaped the Oviatt Building’s turbulent history.

In this vivid, intelligent, and often comical adaption of the memoir ‘Waling in my Sleep,’ Michael Cooney, a man with Cerebral Palsy, describes his journey to adulthood while his current life evolves in a series of adventures in which he’s sometimes the hero, sometimes the loser, and sometimes a little in between. The film began as an experiment, assembled piece by piece over the course of two years. In 2014 it won “Best Short” at the Outside the Box Film Festival in Central California.