A Girl in the Cove

Shot on a shoestring budget, “A Girl in the Cove” is a ensemble short film about one man’s obsession of the unknown and desire to separate from reality. Famen’s marriage is fading and there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it. On a day trip to the Brazillian coast, he finds himself at the mysterious cove and meets an unlikely companion.

Written & directed by
Christopher Duguay

Director of Photography
Seth Shulman

Produced by
Lisa Joshi
Stephen Walker
Christopher Duguay

Ashley Rose
Zion D. Dungo
Lisa Joshi
Jason Lewis
Sandra Villa
and introducing
John Monds

Music by
Christopher Duguay

Stephen Walker

Line Producer
Megan Murdock

Costumes by
Costume Warner Department
Person use

© 2009 Puzzled Pictures

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